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is this the end???? [Apr. 28th, 2004|09:58 pm]
[mood |cheerful<cheerful]
[music |It's so hard to say good bye-Boyz II Men]

All good things come to an end. for example, there's Bennifer, Britney Spears' marriage, and Bob Saget's career. My time as a journal fanatic has also come to an end. :( Im just over it- if i have something exciting to tell u, i'll call or email u. But don't cry for me, argentina- i'll still be around. Jai's journaling is just on permanent hiatus. Holla
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happy for nooo good reason [Apr. 25th, 2004|03:57 pm]
Dear Fans:

Sexy Jai here. I'm livin' it up here in sunny Tampa- um not. But yea, this last week = hectic and fun week, you excited? you should be cuz sexy jai is coming back home lol. i know it'll be hard to deal with me not by ur side right now but just close ur eyes and im there- now go git me a drink, jai's thirsty.
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Do-do-do-do-do-do, Do-do-do -do -do -do -do do (Duran Duran) Yay! [Apr. 23rd, 2004|04:14 pm]
[mood |giddy<-giddy]
[music | Duran Duran-Hungry Like a Wolf]

I am done with chem lab! ::Breathes sigh of relief:: And I got all the classes I wanted. Here's the rundown: Intro to Statistics, Gen Chem II, Biology I w/ Lab, and Humanities = 14 credits. Do u realize that if we received the same amount of credits per course that u earn in college, for high school courses, high school would only be one year. (yikes). I am choosing to celebrate the year being over by going to Urban Outfitters at Mall at Millenia and shopping (.."single black female addicted to retail- yup Kanye was right, that's me right thur). OMG!- my jeans are ruined. I now own 2 pairs of jeans. see the other day, I was too lazy to walk around and take a seat so I just stepped over and that's how my jeans died- a BIG hole in the mystery area! wow, it was interesting coming home. so i guess i NEED to shop lol. um wut else?.....I miss Dan Brown (The Da Vinci Code). Ever since i had to turn it in, i've bin going thru DB withdrawls and w/ all this work i can't be like, screw it im reading DB 'b/c i cant compromise my grade. so after urban outfitters, i think i'll hit my local LIB and u know. OoH! I think I wanna go to that Lucky Brand store also, and Macy's cuz I really haven't experienced Macy's- I mean I went in the store B4, but just where that candy store is. That's all I got. If i seem materialistic right now honestly i am cuz i haven't bin to a decent mall in months (since christmas) and i was raised in the retail world so, bump it. take care chicabees- i think im gonna go be a hippie and study on the grass.

Ps-ok, im not going to U. Outfitters anymore cuz they have no sales, but AF has funny shirts now and I love funny t-shirts so $$$$ goes to AF
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(no subject) [Apr. 22nd, 2004|05:40 pm]
[mood |sleepy<-sleepy]
[music |Simple Kind of Life-No Doubt]

Im fatigued like none other. one more week of school- yay! My last exam ends at 12:30 next WED so I'll probably be home that afternoon, but definitely by the next day. I got a summer job at this summer camp :), but i gotta get CPR certified again. :( well at least i won't be "checked off" by Haller (did she change her last name this year?) lol. Well that's all i've got..........

Ps: everything is ok w/ mom and me. :)
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AHHHH! I want to scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Apr. 21st, 2004|07:10 pm]
[mood |distressed<-distressed]
[music |none]

Today WAS a good day- the tests went well. I got to my room and called home as always and mom was in one of her rare moods. so she's interegating me about some $30.00 charge back in February. Yea, so I tell her that in order for my to get my transcript($8) I had to pay all outstanding debts, which at the time was $30 and keep in mind- we had this convo B4-she knew that I had to take out $30 out of our dual acc't and was more than cool with it b4-she's the one who told me to take the $$ out. so I explained all this to her and she still didn't get it. so then I'm frustrated and I start crying( I do that when Im frustrated)& no one's talking -just silence. so she's like," what's wrong with you now?" and I'm like, "Ur bringing this up for reasons Im yet to know...I explained this and you knew about it, blah, blah, blah." so then mom's like," well call me back when ur ready to talk-click." Does she honestly think I'm gonna call her back when she's on sum rage for no good reason? and she's not the type of person to admit when she's wrong. even if she's realizes that im right she'll never say sorry. I hate being on bad terms w/ her, and i know this is all very stupid and will be resolved in a few days (she holds grudges), but seriously she's the person i do all my venting to- now where do i go? jeez..I was gonna come home this weekend but right now I think I'll cherish being apart from mom- I dont want to have to be upset all weekend. I REALLY don't need drama during this week or next week- OMG! I've got english to do. I think im gonna cry again right here in the library--someone help me.
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Guaranteed plan to success [Apr. 20th, 2004|03:10 pm]
[mood |busy<-busy]
[music |Running- No Doubt]

So I'm in geography ok, and the lecture was leading to nowhere fast, so i start to day dream and it hits me. So let's say im bad in math and I wanted to take physics but im sure im gonna fail it the 1st time around. well if the class is a big ol' lecture course, i won't sign up for it but i'll just sit in and take notes and do everything in the course except labs and tests and then the following semester i'll sign up for it. this way i wont fail b/c I would know or at least be familiar w/ the material and i cant fall behind b/c i'll be sitting in a semester before i intend on taking the course. So far , i think it's a win-win situation, A reverse catch-22. This isn't considered cheating, is it? I mean i won't see the test, i'll just be taking notes. lol so i think i'll do that for organic chem, physics, and calculus. On to personal news... no sightings of hottie today, damn i guess i should've made my move but i would have messed it up anyway. I do look cute today tho. I say that b/c lately i've bin taking fashion tips from hobos due to my bz schedule, but since all my hobo gear is dirty, im in cute mode now lol. so that's all i have to say for today. Ahh chem test tomorrow- 67% ready (yes, exactly 67% -dont question it).
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Hella Good Day [Apr. 19th, 2004|03:13 pm]
[mood |jubilant<-jubilant]
[music |No Doubt- Ex-Girlfriend and Hella Good]

I got the No Doubt Greatest hits '92-03 cd today. It's good cuz let's face it- No Doubt=great-lyrics are on target w/ eveything. so the studying- it's going well. I am nowin the process of doing my portfolio fur english and I have to come up with a few more journal entries by this weekend. Im ready ready, oh so ready to go home- i think Danielle's mom is gonna get me a job at the summer camp that she does in the summer and I wanna take online courses over the summer as opposed to gettin' out of bed early to go to school, but i gotta investigate that sum more. Aww i saw the greatest looking guy today. yea, he was tall and he kinda looked like Taye Diggs, (movie star), which is the hottest black man alive. so i see mr. hot stuff by the Library and I was on my way to class (ugh) cuz i would've talked to him if i wasnt in a rush-hahahaha um no! let's git real. Yea but hottie was chillin', readin the paper (he's literate!), and he didnt look thuggish ( thank god) - he had that new Jay-z style (major plus)-( the dress shirt and jeans and bling-bling chain, w/ blazer)see Kanye west's outfit in All falls down video lol but hottie didnt have a blazer. Ok, enough wishful thinking for jai- we all know stuff like this doesn't happen to ppl like urs truly so bump it. Back to reality- I really don't wanna re-write all my papers this is retarded. Speaking of retarded things-my chem teacher, whoa!!! A moment of silence please- i honestly think this woman cheated all thru high school, college, and grad school cuz she's knows NOTHING about chemistry and I am too damn lazy this late in the year to teach myself.ugh, where the hell is Mr. hottie anyway? Jeez, lemme git back to work. Holla...
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Last night and this morning [Apr. 18th, 2004|02:48 pm]
[mood |ecstatic<-extreme content]
[music |the sweet noise of chemisrty txt bk pages turning...]

So last night I hung out w/ Brooke, Shelley, and Crystal and we went to this awesomely off the chain dance recital put on by all the Dance major ppl. So afterwards, Shelley's like," let's go hang out in our dorm. So the 4 of us did and it was FUN. I never knew Spongebob Square pants cards, "lil men" and 'fluids' would be fun. lol Brooke's last name is Bissell so u know how ppl are like," Hoover it!"? well we were saying, "Bissell it" - (fyi: that's also a name of a vacuum brand, focus ppl). good tymez, yea then we all traded cell phones and we going thru every1's phone book and started calling ppl, sounds lame but Brooke and Shell make it funny. Good tymes, hopefully next time Corinne will be w/ us.

So this morning i got invited by JD and Nikiysha to go to Without Walls ( church) so I went. OMG-wut an awesome church, it doesn't at all feel "churchy" but in a way it still draws you in. The Pastors were off the chain. You see them sitting all quaint and tidy the lady pastor all blonde and looking " lil miss suzy housewife" and the man pastor all "3 piece suit ( u know wut i mean) and then they start preaching and they had the whole "Black Pastor" thing going boy! I'm talking loud preachin', gospel choir, dancing on stage, but it wasn't fake- they didnt have a blaccent or anything they just are naturally passionate. whoa, and the whole congregation was mixed-when u pull up to this church, it looks more like a United Nations Building b/c their theme is an international church - all nationalities welcome so there's flags circling the whole massive property. I loved it- Pastor had me rollin' talking about "LudaKiss" ( no type-o, he said LudaKiss instead of Ludacris). and everytime he said something he wanted to emphasize he would say things like," church, I can't hear you!" or "can i get an AMEN". man, and Daryl Strawberry was up in that mug too- no lie, i didnt believe the pastor until they plastered Daryl's face on their "jumbo screen". I don't care for baseball its just one of those, "hey, a celeb is in the room," kinda moments. and there were a bunch of important sports agents and ppl connected to celebs in the audience cuz he kept mentioning their testimony and giving shout-outs and the tech ppl would zoom in on their face and put it on the "jumbo screen". Im going back next sunday, so much fun.

Now im in the LIB studying 4 Chem.
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reflection of my thoughts [Apr. 17th, 2004|02:18 pm]
[mood |indifferent<-indifferent]
[music |-none 4 now-]

One more week-well a week and a half. I can ride it out. Just a bit worried about the finals. Im worried about a lot of things lately. School is one- as much as I say im not gonna take on a lot, im an over-achiever, so i know i will. My schedule for next year is pretty tough and i want to get a job at Starbucks when school reopens and there's 3 organizations i know fur sure im gonna get involved in.( im still rethinking the activities) Second, Im worried about the welfare of the people around me. I try to push these thoughts out of my mind but they always re-appear, which is proof that it's something i shouldn't pass off nonchalantly. People are just scary now, i just wish that they knew how much i cared- maybe they wouldn't be so willing to grow up so fast. My roomates, my friends, and the ppl on my floor- even tho they drive me crazy sometimes, I love them- i try hard to make ppl happy b/c that makes me happy- i just wish i received that same "will to care" feeling back as often as i dole it out.
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She wants to move, but ur hoggin' her, ur guardin' her..... [Apr. 14th, 2004|05:07 pm]
[mood |awake<-awake, happy, and busy]
[music |NERD]

Im really supposed to be campaigning for bijal right now but im 100% over it, so Im at the library instead. I intend on studying, blogging, gettting a book, frappucino (starbucks) and a bagel(einsteins) and going home- ( in that order). I have sooo much stuff to do and i cant wait for school to be over cuz i'll be stress free. I think i'm gonna celebrate school being over by driving Betsy to the Altamonte mall, getting my Fly or Die CD, and playing it on the way to the Mall at Millenia and shopping at one of the coolest stores : Urban Outfitters. I think I wanna walk into Chanel and act like im interested in buying sumthing- that's if they even let me in. LMAO- Me and kid sister tried to go into Chanel and the old man Chanel guard looked at us like," U can't afford this - dont even try to walk in" so we didnt. But that was a yr ago and Im more ballsy now so i'd be like " yea im poor and proud, let me in" hahaha. I can't fathom spending at least $ 350 on shoes or a purse-call me cheap, but im not exactly working with Paris Hilton's budget ppl, focus..... I gotta help Ashley find an 8th grade dance dress- OMG that lil brat has grown up soo fast. She's so opposite compared to me. Like there's a lil boy that actually wants to go w. her. and she's soooo much cooler than what i was in 8th grade and she's pretty smart- I admire her cuz she knows she's cool but doesnt let it get to her head. (wow is it "compliment sisters day, or wut?) I need to work out- not to lose weight, just to feel better- ever since dance ended, i haven't bin to the rec ctr- it was kinda bittersweet i would work out to release "academic stress" then i'd go to dance and get stressed out all over again (Yes, in that order)- not productive. I want to throw a house party like the "going away party" I had last year, where like 50 ppl were at my house. I think I'll throw a "welcome to college" party to all my freshies cuz let's face it: 1/2 of my fans, oops i mean friends are incoming freshies, and 2) my parties are fun (at least i think so) um, wut else- well i got nuttin' holla.....
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