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She wants to move, but ur hoggin' her, ur guardin' her..... - Secretly Laughing at You [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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She wants to move, but ur hoggin' her, ur guardin' her..... [Apr. 14th, 2004|05:07 pm]
[mood |awake<-awake, happy, and busy]
[music |NERD]

Im really supposed to be campaigning for bijal right now but im 100% over it, so Im at the library instead. I intend on studying, blogging, gettting a book, frappucino (starbucks) and a bagel(einsteins) and going home- ( in that order). I have sooo much stuff to do and i cant wait for school to be over cuz i'll be stress free. I think i'm gonna celebrate school being over by driving Betsy to the Altamonte mall, getting my Fly or Die CD, and playing it on the way to the Mall at Millenia and shopping at one of the coolest stores : Urban Outfitters. I think I wanna walk into Chanel and act like im interested in buying sumthing- that's if they even let me in. LMAO- Me and kid sister tried to go into Chanel and the old man Chanel guard looked at us like," U can't afford this - dont even try to walk in" so we didnt. But that was a yr ago and Im more ballsy now so i'd be like " yea im poor and proud, let me in" hahaha. I can't fathom spending at least $ 350 on shoes or a purse-call me cheap, but im not exactly working with Paris Hilton's budget ppl, focus..... I gotta help Ashley find an 8th grade dance dress- OMG that lil brat has grown up soo fast. She's so opposite compared to me. Like there's a lil boy that actually wants to go w. her. and she's soooo much cooler than what i was in 8th grade and she's pretty smart- I admire her cuz she knows she's cool but doesnt let it get to her head. (wow is it "compliment sisters day, or wut?) I need to work out- not to lose weight, just to feel better- ever since dance ended, i haven't bin to the rec ctr- it was kinda bittersweet i would work out to release "academic stress" then i'd go to dance and get stressed out all over again (Yes, in that order)- not productive. I want to throw a house party like the "going away party" I had last year, where like 50 ppl were at my house. I think I'll throw a "welcome to college" party to all my freshies cuz let's face it: 1/2 of my fans, oops i mean friends are incoming freshies, and 2) my parties are fun (at least i think so) um, wut else- well i got nuttin' holla.....

From: naedhi
2004-04-14 07:21 pm (UTC)

and don't forget...

you had sum damn good food, next party i'm bringin mah moms, hehe... hey, you'll have Betsy and I have my Janey... maybe they should meet...
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