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Last night and this morning [Apr. 18th, 2004|02:48 pm]
[mood |ecstatic<-extreme content]
[music |the sweet noise of chemisrty txt bk pages turning...]

So last night I hung out w/ Brooke, Shelley, and Crystal and we went to this awesomely off the chain dance recital put on by all the Dance major ppl. So afterwards, Shelley's like," let's go hang out in our dorm. So the 4 of us did and it was FUN. I never knew Spongebob Square pants cards, "lil men" and 'fluids' would be fun. lol Brooke's last name is Bissell so u know how ppl are like," Hoover it!"? well we were saying, "Bissell it" - (fyi: that's also a name of a vacuum brand, focus ppl). good tymez, yea then we all traded cell phones and we going thru every1's phone book and started calling ppl, sounds lame but Brooke and Shell make it funny. Good tymes, hopefully next time Corinne will be w/ us.

So this morning i got invited by JD and Nikiysha to go to Without Walls ( church) so I went. OMG-wut an awesome church, it doesn't at all feel "churchy" but in a way it still draws you in. The Pastors were off the chain. You see them sitting all quaint and tidy the lady pastor all blonde and looking " lil miss suzy housewife" and the man pastor all "3 piece suit ( u know wut i mean) and then they start preaching and they had the whole "Black Pastor" thing going boy! I'm talking loud preachin', gospel choir, dancing on stage, but it wasn't fake- they didnt have a blaccent or anything they just are naturally passionate. whoa, and the whole congregation was mixed-when u pull up to this church, it looks more like a United Nations Building b/c their theme is an international church - all nationalities welcome so there's flags circling the whole massive property. I loved it- Pastor had me rollin' talking about "LudaKiss" ( no type-o, he said LudaKiss instead of Ludacris). and everytime he said something he wanted to emphasize he would say things like," church, I can't hear you!" or "can i get an AMEN". man, and Daryl Strawberry was up in that mug too- no lie, i didnt believe the pastor until they plastered Daryl's face on their "jumbo screen". I don't care for baseball its just one of those, "hey, a celeb is in the room," kinda moments. and there were a bunch of important sports agents and ppl connected to celebs in the audience cuz he kept mentioning their testimony and giving shout-outs and the tech ppl would zoom in on their face and put it on the "jumbo screen". Im going back next sunday, so much fun.

Now im in the LIB studying 4 Chem.