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Hella Good Day [Apr. 19th, 2004|03:13 pm]
[mood |jubilant<-jubilant]
[music |No Doubt- Ex-Girlfriend and Hella Good]

I got the No Doubt Greatest hits '92-03 cd today. It's good cuz let's face it- No Doubt=great-lyrics are on target w/ eveything. so the studying- it's going well. I am nowin the process of doing my portfolio fur english and I have to come up with a few more journal entries by this weekend. Im ready ready, oh so ready to go home- i think Danielle's mom is gonna get me a job at the summer camp that she does in the summer and I wanna take online courses over the summer as opposed to gettin' out of bed early to go to school, but i gotta investigate that sum more. Aww i saw the greatest looking guy today. yea, he was tall and he kinda looked like Taye Diggs, (movie star), which is the hottest black man alive. so i see mr. hot stuff by the Library and I was on my way to class (ugh) cuz i would've talked to him if i wasnt in a rush-hahahaha um no! let's git real. Yea but hottie was chillin', readin the paper (he's literate!), and he didnt look thuggish ( thank god) - he had that new Jay-z style (major plus)-( the dress shirt and jeans and bling-bling chain, w/ blazer)see Kanye west's outfit in All falls down video lol but hottie didnt have a blazer. Ok, enough wishful thinking for jai- we all know stuff like this doesn't happen to ppl like urs truly so bump it. Back to reality- I really don't wanna re-write all my papers this is retarded. Speaking of retarded things-my chem teacher, whoa!!! A moment of silence please- i honestly think this woman cheated all thru high school, college, and grad school cuz she's knows NOTHING about chemistry and I am too damn lazy this late in the year to teach myself.ugh, where the hell is Mr. hottie anyway? Jeez, lemme git back to work. Holla...

From: lilsilverdollar
2004-04-19 03:51 pm (UTC)
If he looks like Taye Diggs girllllllllllllllll you BETTA holla at him! People like him dont come around often, and since he was actually READING a paper that is a major plus plus! (ask him if he got any brothers for me!)
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