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AHHHH! I want to scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Secretly Laughing at You [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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AHHHH! I want to scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Apr. 21st, 2004|07:10 pm]
[mood |distressed<-distressed]
[music |none]

Today WAS a good day- the tests went well. I got to my room and called home as always and mom was in one of her rare moods. so she's interegating me about some $30.00 charge back in February. Yea, so I tell her that in order for my to get my transcript($8) I had to pay all outstanding debts, which at the time was $30 and keep in mind- we had this convo B4-she knew that I had to take out $30 out of our dual acc't and was more than cool with it b4-she's the one who told me to take the $$ out. so I explained all this to her and she still didn't get it. so then I'm frustrated and I start crying( I do that when Im frustrated)& no one's talking -just silence. so she's like," what's wrong with you now?" and I'm like, "Ur bringing this up for reasons Im yet to know...I explained this and you knew about it, blah, blah, blah." so then mom's like," well call me back when ur ready to talk-click." Does she honestly think I'm gonna call her back when she's on sum rage for no good reason? and she's not the type of person to admit when she's wrong. even if she's realizes that im right she'll never say sorry. I hate being on bad terms w/ her, and i know this is all very stupid and will be resolved in a few days (she holds grudges), but seriously she's the person i do all my venting to- now where do i go? jeez..I was gonna come home this weekend but right now I think I'll cherish being apart from mom- I dont want to have to be upset all weekend. I REALLY don't need drama during this week or next week- OMG! I've got english to do. I think im gonna cry again right here in the library--someone help me.