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Guess what???? [Apr. 13th, 2004|07:08 pm]
Oh so today is momma's birthday-aside: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!! -yea like she reads this....um, no. So my dad is like, " i'm taking the day off w. you- lets go car shopping". so they drive around ORL and to make a long story short, they bought a 2001 blk mercury sable- i dunno wut that looks like, but that means.........JONELL'S GOT A CAR!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup, Betsy is mine!!! '92 mazda protege.wait - is it a '92? no one knows-but it's clean and it doesnt have that cheezy '80's upholestry aka:(red interior). I'm excited, I know it's not the fanciest car, but it's nice to me.

In other news, I am officially living in Castor Hall. and i NEED a summer job.

Life: stressed but good
Needs: quiet, $$$$, and study time, and Red Bull
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Emotions... [Apr. 12th, 2004|02:25 pm]
[mood |busy<- busy]
[music |kanye west and U2]

- school finishing in 3 wks.
- tax refund!!! ($$$$ for jai)
- the bag of dk. chocolate hershey nuggets i just bought
- the song "elevation" from U2- my anthem for the wk.

-ppl on my floor

- im so focused that i forget to call or hang out w/ ppl

- studying
- the zit on my nose

- not wanting to campaign for Bijal today or this wk.
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Nerdiness is key [Apr. 12th, 2004|10:27 am]
[mood |blank<-blank]
[music |Elevation- U2]

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Finals!! People do you realize that all im gonna be doing is studying?! I know that's wut im supposed to do but still lol. I figured out my schedule for next yr, u ready?:

French I
Biology I and Lab*

* it's a toss up cuz gen chem II woun't have a lab in the fall semester so that's why i want to take bio. But chem I and II build off each other ( so i've heard) and bio I and II don't so I guess it's logical to stick w/ chem, but i'd have to make up the lab in the spring semester- suggestions please!

Life: good
revenge on roommate: so so
studying: high
stress: low-moderate
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Another Day in Hollywood [Apr. 10th, 2004|10:36 am]
[mood |artistic<-artistic]
[music |Elevation- U2 ( good song- gets u up)]

I drive all the way to Paramount studios in hopes of getting my script. Spielberg was late, of course- a man like him doesn't need to be early. He waltzed in, we did the lil double kiss on the cheek thing-a feeble attempt to us being sophisticated, an he handed me pure gold- " Memoirs of a Lost Soul"-it's your average " cakey, finding yourself in a hard and cold world, coming of age movie" and I of course play the feeble to strong character, named Ruthie. I don't know how I feel about this role quite yet, but work from Spielberg rarely goes bad. As I was paging through the script, guess who comes in? Mr. Cruise himself. Now i don't have anything against this guy,(um i kinda do) but don't tell me he's in THIS movie? Shouldn't he be off blowing something up, or making out w. Penelope? Oh wait, they broke up- a moment of silence please. After his episode of ass kissing w. Spielberg, he looked around and saw me flipping thru the script, and his expression was priceless- "Wut the HELL is SHE doing here?" Here's a lil aside: me and Tombo here were at a red carpet event say a few months back. to make it short and sweet: he got on my nerves, i spilled cranberry vodka on his Dolce & Gabbana white shirt and he cused me out- yea that one REALLY hurt (sarcastic) This movie should get VERY INTERESTING ...........

- jai reflecting on her career as actress.
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Jai's Wrath - only the beginning [Apr. 8th, 2004|12:13 pm]
[mood |devious<-devious and happy]
[music |Soca- Shadow _ I love this so much fun.]

So I case anyone cared to read my poem, you would know the situation at hand. It's a fact that the nicest ppl make the meanest ppl paradoxically, hence why i have decided to execute my latent bitchiness. It's a side I don't get to whip out often but when it comes out, it's something to marvel at. So last night around 3am, I was starting to dose off and in comes danielle and her man whore. This guy only comes over to git sum, and i decided to put my alter ego to the test. I waited until things got quiet, ( that's how it starts) and I prung out of bed, turned on my fluorescent light above my bed and headed towards my desk. I got my soca cd, my brownie from starbucks and my geography book. I played that music loud enough to where i can hear, but not obvious and began singing the words, while i rudely tapped my pen on my books, and chomped like a cow on my brownie. then i started to read aloud the notes i was taking. So i guess manwhore isn't really a man, but rather a boy, cuz he left 20 minutes later. I had the nerve to be like," Leaving so soon?" Of course right after he left, I put away everything, yawned obnoxiously a few times and called it a night. poor dee dee, didnt git any, and I went to bed so damn proud of myself.

This morning she didn't say hi to me :( sarcastic. She wakes up late so her biggest pet peeve in the morning is noise. Well i made damn sure that I left the Tv on MTV ( they play all that rock and pop music videos that she can't stand). I made sure to slam the door on my way out.

I must say- this is all very fun for me. I'm a sweet darlin' to everyone right now, even my other suitemates cuz they've bin real cool lately. But danielle is walking on eggshells w/ me right now, i dont think she knows the severity of the situation, but i know for a fact that she's picking up sum "anger vibes" from me. She better watch her back.

It's not over yet. She's bin inconsiderate, rude, and disgusting this whole year- the least I can do is drive her crazy for the last 3 weeks we're here- it's only fair.
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Just read it - it's a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Apr. 7th, 2004|03:02 pm]
[mood |amused<-amused, tired, and sarcastic]
[music |Luther Vandross, thanks to Danielle]

Im extremely tired today so I've decided to write a poem about why im sleepy. Oh and yes it's a true story.

Slumberless Night
by: Jonell Melville

Oh sleep, oh sleep, where art thee?
You didn't visit me.
You didn't keep my company yesternight
due to the noise that gave me a fright.
For you see,
my roomie Danielle was in Ectasy.
Oh yes, it's true
she was quite rude,
to make such noise
and not be poised.
She played that Vandross
and was lost
in a sea
of ecstasy.
too bad for jai
who was kept awake.
the morning came
and sweet slumber did not
am i distrot?
three hours of rest
maybe 4 at best
is all i received
thanks to the bitch who couldn't find a cheap hotel room to take care of her libido issues, whose name is Dee.

*snap those fingers, cuz u know it's a damn good poem* LMAO

wow, i definitely whipped up that poem like off the top of my head in no time. reason # 829 why im the best.
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random thoughts part II [Apr. 6th, 2004|10:50 am]
[mood |indifferent<-indifferent]
[music |Nelly furtado]

English is great-talking w/ Natalie is great. I want to live in castor, yup it's decided. Todays the last day of campaigning,b/c 2morrow and Thursday are the election days. Honestly I dunno who's gonna win. Last night i missed dinner cuz it was all bright and sunny at 7:30pm and I thought it was earlier. But I planned out my schedule for next year, and jai will be busy in the books, oh jeez im scared but here it is so far:

Biology I and Lab
Gen Chem II and Lab
Life, Death ,and the Law (?)
Beginning French I

and I also want to do my activities and have a job. hmm, oh boy.

** I ran out of facts about myself.
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random stuff about my life. [Apr. 5th, 2004|10:21 am]
[mood |happy<- happy]
[music |Shadow-"Leroy"]

Came back 2 the dorm late, that was cool tho. Riding with Angie is soo much fun, we just met like a month ago and we have so much in common. she wants to transfer to ucf and she's more desperate than i was,so if it'll make her happy that's cool, but having her here would be off da chain. i'm kinda hungry now but check it out- there's an Express and Baby Phat sale today on campus and i'm excited. I have like 3 1/2 weeks left in school so i gotta get my grades where I'd like them. You know me- one A doesnt cut it for jai. Um, oh yea, mom's giving me her car! yay, she wants to get either an explorer or jeep liberty and she'll give me old betsy (that's wut she named her car) okay! Betsy is a '92 Mazda Protege and i love her cuz she's clean and I feel comfortable driving her. As of today, i think i want to live in castor hall. It's cheap which is wut im looking for but i have this week to investigate.

Aww today is daddy's birthday- happy birthday pops!
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Say Yes to tipsy and No to smashed! [Apr. 3rd, 2004|09:31 pm]
[mood |annoyed<-annoyed]
[music |Eminem -My Band]

People who get drunk all the time are retarded ass-bitches who seek refuge in a liquid that provides momentary comfort. ok let me explain. I am home and I forgot to give JD the concert ticket so I call up my roomie to do me that favor. So the phone rings and it's sum guy, wutever so im like" is danielle there, hello?" and 30 secs later she comes on and is all slurring and 1/2 gone. oh wow, she's all like, " jonell, i will do this favor for you!" while giggling no joke. so most likely JD wont get the ticket and something is gonna be broken or vomited on when i get back. oh wow, wut the hell i dont get american culture. wut is the obsession with alcohol? ppl drink it to make themselves feel cool and mature- it's not that big a deal, no need to over indulge. tipsy once in a while- yea i agree it's funny and cool b/c i was a lil bit there a few hours ago, but damn ppl.
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Next Year's Details [Apr. 3rd, 2004|12:24 pm]
[mood |calm<-calm]
[music |Sharika's Back!!!!!!!!!]

Living: Holly
Meal Plan: BullBlock 90 (still in progress)
Major: Biomedical Science
Activities: CAB, CCE, IV

Things to get:
- job
-pans and cookware
-laptop(being discussed)

Courses I want to take:
Biology I
Gen Chem II

Weekend: Fun- I was home. I chilled w/ the fam.
Mood: accomplished and content
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