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Secretly Laughing at You

the inner workings of " Jai the Great"

11 February
Jai, a freshie majoring in Psychology, who enjoys eating chicken all alone in my dorm when my roomies aren't around. (that was lame) Seriously, I'm an Aquarius who doesn't like long walks on the beach, yea go run with that.I like dancing,I've been doing it for awhile now so i guess i should like or else i've wasted a lot of time. I've always wanted to go to Egypt and Australia. Why? I dunno-there's a lot of mystery there and I hear Aborigines make good company. Am I always this sarcastic? um, yea. Let's see what else u people would like to know about me. Oh I a foreigner! That tends to intrigue people- yea I was born in Trinidad. My mom said that when I was born my dad got so excited that he went out and bought me a parrot. no lie-i have pics of this green parrot that my dad felt that I should have. I never liked birds..... Chances are if you've gotten to my journal, ur a) smart, b) sexy, or c) lost. If ur c), dont bother emailing me back...Right now as you gaze at this computer, I'm secretly looking at you through your window........